Special Occasions

Shop for Your Bra First

Ideally, you should find your perfect bra before your perfect dress. Depending on your individual band and cup size, your options may be limited. To avoid disappointment in not being able to find a bra that suits your dress, find a bra that fits you perfectly and is comfortable then search for your dress. Always take your bra with you while shopping for your dream gown.

If you have your dress first…

If you just happened to stumble across your dress before having the chance to find your bra, give yourself ample time before your big day to find undergarments that meet your needs. During wedding and grad season, Bra Necessities assists countless women in finding their perfect bra. Even though you do not need an appointment prior to coming into Bra Necessities, please consider a minimum 6 to 8 weeks in the off chance we need to order for you.


Always find your perfect bra before altering your dress! You are always welcome to bring your gown in to Bra Necessities to ensure the undergarments work well for you and your dress.

When shopping for lingerie, pick something special that makes you feel comfortable and sexy! Bra Necessities carries a variety of bra, panty and garter sets as well as sultry negligees so you can be sure you will find something you will both love.


Don’t forget shapewear for special occasions! We have a selection of slimming and smoothing undergarments that hide underneath your outfits.