Walton Wood Farm – Proudly Canadian Made

Check out our new, Proudly Canadian-made Bath & Body line, here just in time for the summer!

Walton Wood Farm makes a number of bath salts, lotions, creams and more, all of which come in wonderfully aromatic scents that will make you smell and feel prettier than you have in a very long time.

Unique gifts with no naughty ingredients like Parabens, SLS or dye

Check out their story:

“I’m Leslie Scott. My husband, Peter, a lifelong farmer, challenged me to get creative, and think of a way to save our 1850s barn. Our grand lady is perched gracefully at the top of a hill, and one can see her from miles away. She is a landmark in our community near Toronto, Ontario.
Here’s the problem; farmers can’t produce enough income to save these glorious reminders of our agricultural heritage. They are fast being replaced with industrial looking utility buildings. And where’s the romance and imagination in that? What do you want your country drive to look like?
I put on an apron, rolled up my sleeves, and began making bath and beauty products in my kitchen. I used only the finest, sustainable ingredients. I filled up my pick up truck, and hit the road, cold-calling on retail stores. Our products are now sold across North America. How cool is that?
Once we save our barn, we are going to help save other barns across North America. To read about how our barn-saving campaign works, please visit our FAQ on our website. or”

-Leslie Scott, Walton Wood Farms

See the collection here: