Kim’s Health and Wellness Journey

Happy New Year!
It is the time for new beginnings, new goals and resolutions. What did you resolve to do this year?
One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight, and although I don’t specifically resolve to lose weight, the turn of a new year always reminds me to set intention to focus on health and wellness.
As you can imagine, we help every shape, size and age of women in our fitting rooms.  Over time we get to watch our clients go through various transformations. Some get married and have children, and others we see at various times throughout their weight loss journey. A few years ago after chatting with a client in the fitting room about her journey to lose weight, I took a big leap and hired a personal trainer on the recommendation of my client. I was terrified at first, like many of our first-time clients are, but working out with my personal trainer, Kimi, by my side has been one of the most rewarding, confidence-boosting experiences of my life, similar to my first bra-fitting experience.
Over the course of three years, and a few train derailments later (hey, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t fail every once in a while), I’ve developed a very personal view on health and wellness from my days at the gym with Kimi. I am still not the thinnest I have ever been, but I would say I am the strongest I have ever been – physically and mentally. It makes me feel strong when I can go farther, harder or faster than I did the week or month before, and I have learned that when you feel strong, you feel confident! Fitness for me doesn’t equal a specific number on the scale or size in my closet. It doesn’t mean that I can’t indulge in my sweet tooth or have that glass of wine. It means making conscious decisions to live a happy and health conscious life, and forgetting the pressure of my inner voice telling me I should be a certain weight or size.
The core of what my trainer, Kimi, and I do on a daily basis is very similar. Simply put, we help others feel more confident, just in different ways. I am so grateful to have such a warm and encouraging coach by my side through my journey!
PS: The most important workout gear in my experience:
  1. Proper Sports Bra
  2. Proper Shoes

My Favorites: the Elomi Energize Sports Bra

 Saucauny Everun Runners