Great Gifts ~ Day 19

Gift Set Day 19

Barefoot Venus Coconut Kiss Gift Sets

Island coconut kissed with a bright, tropical smile for the truest sunny escape. Gift Set includes 6 FULL SIZE PRODUCTS from the Coconut Kiss Collection.

  1. Macadamia Oil Body Cream
    Dry, chafed skin magically vanishes when a tried and true potion of macadamia nut oil, sesame seed oil and wheat germ oil starts to mollycoddle your needy skin. 8 oz. 225 ml
  2. Bath Soak With Cocoa Butter
    For seductively soft, sweet scented skin just add some Barefoot Venus Little Indulgence to a steamy, hot bath.  Slip in and let the cocoa butter filled water tickle your senses and velvetize your skin.  200 grams / 7oz
  3. Creamy Cleansing Wash
    Let your skin shine! Lather up and wash away dirt and impurities with an avalanche of moisturizing suds. Special skin caring ingredients respect your skin as they gently cleanse, then rinse away clean. The 2oz travel size is a perfect pick for gals on the glow. 60 ml / 2 oz
  4. White Tea Bubble Bath
    Enter your own watery world of fragrant skin-softening bubbles. Mild plant- derived ingredients including; certified organic oats and white tea extract, create a rich, luxurious skin-loving bath. 4 oz.125 ml
  5. Mini Hand Repair
    Nurture dry, wounded hands back to health. Protective Mango & Shea butters, moisture giving Olive oil & shielding Soybean oil, work hand-in-hand to help rebound and recuperate from harsh dehydration. 15ml
  6. Mango Butter Bath Bliss
    Everything is sweeter when creamy mango butter melts into a sinfully indulgent bath, leaving your skin seductively soft and sweet-scented.  100 grams