A Mother-Daughter Guide to Buying Training Bras

A Mother-Daughter Guide to Buying Training BrasQuite often I am asked, “When is it a good time for my daughter to start wearing a training bra?” I share with them my story;


“When I was 15, I experienced my first customized bra fitting, and the outcome quite literally changed my life.”   Consider that a bra is a good idea for your daughter’s developing body. Bras can protect breast tissue and are an especially good ideas when she is exercising and playing sports. More than providing support, many girls like that bras help them to feel less exposed when wearing T-shirts and smooth out their silhouettes.


“Undoubtedly, a first bra will be perceived as a rite of passage for young girls about to start puberty. As girls at this age can be quite sensitive and particular about their body image, it is best to let your daughter decide for herself when she wants to start wearing a training bra regularly. Almost always it is best to follow your daughter’s lead and not pressure her one way or another.” Dr Michael Dickinson, Special to The Globe and Mail.


When you and your daughter do decide it is time we recommend a professional bra fitting. Bras come in many sizes and the right fit is essential to comfort. No one wants a bra that bags or gaps, rides up, dig ins, or pops open. Let us help you and your daughter choose a training bra that comfortably suits their style. Many girls look forward to this ‘right of passage’, others dread the event our professional bra fitting experts will ensure this is an amazing experience.


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