3 Truths That Matter About Bikini Size

We’ve all heard it a million times. “Size matters.” The truth is, size only matters to those who are concerned about being the wrong size, and it can apply to a variety of situations.

In most cases, size is measured by your perception of size.

You can be viewed as a ‘big personality’, regardless of your physical stature, when possessing a huge amount of self-confidence. Likewise, you may see someone as ‘small’ because they’re so narrow-minded or self-absorbed.

Visual comparisons can be affected by optical illusions, past experiences – even the size of one’s own body! Remember how big your bicycle seemed when you were six? Or how about how big your mother’s shoes seemed compared to yours at that age?

It’s not unusual to see yourself as bigger or smaller than you actually appear to others.

What really matters, is that you see the beauty that is within you! Of course, your physical size should never govern your perception of your value and self-worth, and the numbers on a tag should NOT determine what you wear.

Bikinis Come in Many Sizes

Focusing on size tags is one way in which you may be missing out on enjoying a healthy level of self-confidence…and FUN! If you’re letting the numbers on a size tag keep you from trying new things, opening yourself to new experiences, or simply living comfortably in your own body, here are a few things to consider:  

  • Women’s sizes are divided into various types, depending on height. These charts give an indication of size but are by no means exact as they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, sometimes by a full inch up and down.
  • The hourglass figure is frequently used as an industry standard, but only 8% of women have this body shape (according to Julia Felsenthal/Slate 2012).
  • A size 8 dress today is nearly the equivalent of a size 16 dress in 1958. And a size 8 dress of 1958 doesn’t even have a modern-day equivalent — those waist and bust measurements come in smaller than today’s size 00.
  • It’s a numbers game! The numbers displayed on clothing tags are nothing but a vain attempt to measure up to an unhealthy, inconsistent, and manipulated ideal. Hence, the term Vanity Sizing.

Focus on These 3 Things Instead:

  1. Your kids don’t care what you look like in a swimsuit. They just want you to take them to the beach and have fun.
  2. If you’re comfortable in a bikini – wear one – no matter what the size on the tag.
  3. The size written on the tag of your bikini isn’t visible to anyone else. Shown them your confidence and how comfortable you are in your own skin and that’s what they’ll see.

We’d love to help you gain confidence in your clothing choices – beginning with the foundation of every perfect outfit – your undergarments. Bra Necessities can show you how to enjoy perfect fitting essentials with all the comfort you never thought possible.


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